Outdoor Plants

Outdoor Plants

We stock outdoor plants to create the most stunning gardens. Whether it be a window box or hopes for Chelsea! From large sculptural pieces, to bedding plants and alpines, we have a wide selection full of variety, shape and colour for all gardens and seasons.

Alpines Herbaceous Heathers​ Lealans Garden Centre

Alpines, Herbaceous & Heathers

We have a good selection of alpine, herbaceous and heather plants all year round. Alpines are available in 9cm pots usually, with a cheaper price if you buy in multiples of 10. These plants are ideal for rock gardens and areas which are dry, shaded or sunny. They are very easy to maintain and will grow in areas that many other plants won’t.

Hardy Cyclamen are available at the moment and give a lovely show in shaded areas where they will not be disturbed.

Herbaceous plants are sold in 1 litre pots and 3 litre pots. There is a vast range of varieties available for most of the year. These plants come back year after year giving lots of colour through the spring and summer months, and with plants like Anemones well into the autumn.

Heathers are ideal for putting into winter hanging baskets or pots at the moment to give colour next spring. There is a range of sizes available from 9cm up to 3 litre pots for well established plants. Heathers work well with spring bulbs and dwarf conifers.

Bedding Plants Lealans Garden Centre

Bedding plants

Spring and summer brings much awaited life and colour to gardens after the long British winters. We have summer bedding plants to suit all needs and budgets along with expert advice from our dedicated staff.

When winter is approaching, autumn is the time to clear out the summer bedding and put in those bedding plants that will give you colour from the autumn, through the winter months and into the spring.

The range of winter bedding plants has been extended greatly over the last ten years, with many ranges of winter flowering pansies, including the Delta series, Spring Magic range and the Matrix series which is compact and has an excellent range of colours. All these ranges will flower well from September and October through to next March-April time. The only time they look sad is after a sharp night frost, but once they thaw out, the flowers pop back up as if nothing has happened.

Don’t forget the violas which now also flower throughout the winter months and are ideal in tubs and baskets.

Plus of course, there are the old favourites such as polyanthus with their brightly coloured flower stems in spring. Primroses – many colours available. Bellis daisy which give a lovely show of pink, red or white daisies in spring. Sweet Williams – one of the last to come into flower, but well worth the wait and makes a good cut flower. Forget-me-nots with their abundance of small blue, pink or white flowers.

And remember to plant the old fashioned wallflower or ‘gillies’ that give such a lovely show and scent in spring.

Flower Bulbs Lealans Garden Centre

Why not add bulbs to your display to give that extra bit of colour next spring. Bulbs can be planted in pots or bowls for early flowering, put into the base of tubs and then plant bedding on top to give an extra flexibility and continuous colour.

Geraniums and Fuscias Lealans Garden Centre

We grow a very large range of fabulous geraniums including seedling geraniums, trailing geraniums and the zonal geraniums in 13cm pots. 

Lealans Garden Centre 1

Fuchsias include many trailing varieties in 11cm pots  and uprights in 13cm pots. We also produce some standard fuchsias each year. 

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