Bird Care

Bird Care

Our bird care area stocks a wide range of bird seeds and accessories to make sure your garden attracts feathered friends all year round.

From general bird feeds to more specialist varieties, meal worms and suets we have a varied selection. We also stock bird feeders from seeds through to sunflower hearts as well as bird tables and bird baths.

Providing birds with natural food, supplementary food and water will ensure your garden will be visited all year round by a host of different birds.

It is important to feed your garden birds responsibly and safely. By following a few simple guidelines, you can play a valuable role in helping your local birds overcome periods of natural food shortage, survive periods of severe winter weather and come into good breeding condition in the spring.

Supplementary feeding can’t provide all the natural proteins and vitamins that adult and young birds need, so it’s important to create and manage your garden to provide a source of natural foods as well, through well-managed lawns, shrub and flowerbeds.

For more information on how to attract birds to your garden, what food to provide them with and other interesting facts you may wish to visit the RSPB website here.

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