Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

Our indoor pot plant area is light, spacious and airy, allowing you to browse and choose from our vast selection of indoor plants.

We have probably one of the largest ranges of pot plants available all year round, with many unusual and different plants available. There is always a good selection of green plants and flowering plants such as Begonias and Kalanchoes, plus a wide range of seasonal plants depending on the time of year.

Any plant can make fantastic gift with long lasting blooms brightening any room and detoxing benefits for the home. Plants help to clean the air inside your home whilst absorbing toxins and creating a calm and enjoyable atmosphere. Choose from a range of shapes, sizes and colours with architecturally stunning foliage and beautiful blooms.

Cyclamen Plants Lealans Garden Centre


Cyclamen are one of our specialities, having been grown by ourselves for many years. They start flowering in September, and are ideal as an inexpensive gift being easy to look after.

Poinsettias Lealans Garden Centre


Our Poinsettias are sourced from two local suppliers, so do not have to travel far to reach us. Nowadays there is an excellent range of bract colours, so there is a colour for everyone at Christmas.

Gift Bowls are made up freshly by our staff and can be made to order, given a few days notice. These can be gift wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon at no extra cost. Any other plant or item can be gift wrapped for a small charge.

Many of our plants are very low maintenance. Our advice is not to over water them and provide good, indirect sunlight. However, friendly, professional advice is always available from our staff. They can help you choose a suitable plant and give you advice on how to care and maintain it.

We also have a selection of decorative pots, dedicated indoor plant composts, plant foods and other items to complement your indoor plants. For more information please contact us here.

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