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DescriptionSizePriceDeal QtyDeal Price
Dwarf Patio peach trees
Pale pink£27.99
Deep Pink£27.99
Debutante2 litres£9.49
Katsura2 litres£9.49
Valley Valentine2 litres£9.49
Flaming Silver2 litres£9.99
Forest Flame2 lites£9.99
Brouwers Beauty£11.49
Cupido5 litres£19.99
Little Heath5 litres£19.99
White Rim5 litres£19.99
Purify5 litres£19.99
Forest Flame5 litres£19.99
Temple Bells5 litres£19.99
Mountain Fire5 litres£19.99
Flaming Silver5 litres£19.99
Forest Flame5 litres£20.99
Camellias2 litres£15.99
2 litres£19.99
Red Flowers6/7' brush£149.99
Black Pearl1/2 standard£139.99
Assorted varieties2 litres£8.99
Red Robin2 litres£10.99
Robusta Compacta2/3' bush£34.99
Pink Marble2/3' bush£34.99
Red Robin7/8' tall£72.99
Myrtilfolia2 litres£20.99
Blue2 litres£7.49
Pink Mist2 litres£8.49
Dwarf Rhododendrons
Assorted colours3 litre£9.49
Rhododendron Hybrids
Assorted varieties5/7.5 litres£22.99
10 litres£29.99
15 litres£42.99
Three Sisters7.5£42.99
President Roosevelt5 litres£25.99
Goldflimmer7.5 litres£23.99
Wine and Roses7.5 litres£31.99
Japanese Azaleas
Assorted varieties2/3 litres£7.99
Azalea Mollis (deciduous)4/5 litres£19.99
There are many other shrubs available - please list your requirements on the order form
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